Class of ’94 | 30th Reunion – Let’s Try This Again

Do Over Feature

Morning, Class of ’94 —

Let’s try this again. We had a huge number of bounce backs from an older email list so we started over. Between this list, Facebook and word-of-mouth, we’re hoping to reach as many classmates as possible!

  • If you haven’t heard, we have a date! June 22 (with something more casual in the works for June 21)
  • Big thanks to Greg Bellan for updating our class website. All updates will also be shared here
  • Please share with fellow classmates. We want to see everyone  — we had such a great turn-ought and time at our 20th, let’s top that!
  • We had to advance pay for the evening. Cost is $150 pp (all inclusive: top-shelf, tons of food, DJ, space — with amazing rooftop/views of the city —  and valet). If you’re coming, we’d appreciate you paying now. Please Venmo Michelle (@Michelle-Venorsky). No Venmo, no problem. Just let us know and we’ll talk about Plan B. Big thanks to all everyone who already paid, much appreciated

Thank you! Much, much more to come…

Michelle (Vocaire) + Josie (Mangoni)

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